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Fire Block Battle
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Battle Field

Fire Block Battle has 2 play mode: Power-up Dojo and Battle Field. In Power-up Dojo we play with computer, whereas in Battle Field with human.

Play with dojo member is important to improve your skill. Having your skill improved, you may want to try your skill. In the case, just to go Battle Field and find another person with the same intent. Playing with human has different taste to playing with computer, because human make error, computer not.


Fire Block Battle has two ways to battle with person: online battle and onscreen battle.

Online battle use internet connection to go to Online Battle Field, where you can play with other persons over the world. You can play with different person every time.

Onscreen battle doesn't need internet connection. Just find a friend and play on the same device. You can set the difficulty for each player so the battle is more fair and interesting. After the game finished, you can also enjoy a real fight with the friend in the front of you!

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