Fire Block Battle

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Fire Block Battle

Fire Block Battle

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Fire Block Battle is a new type of puzzle game which is played by two persons (or with computer). The target of the game is to burn out all of the opponent blocks. To do that, we delete blocks in a chain, send fire ball to the opponent, and disturb the move of the opponent.

Fire Block Battle is a game which 8x8 block is pre-arranged and the blocks can be move freely. Due to the freely movable characteristic, it is easier to construct long chain in Fire Block Battle even for a beginner.

The rule of Fire Block Battle is quite simple. Just move blocks and create chain. But behind it, the game needs very deep and quick thinking if you want to win. The game is full of strategy of how to create a long chain quickly as well as how to disturb your opponent creating chain.

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Version: 1.21

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