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Fire Block Battle
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Power-up Dojo

Fire Block Battle has 2 play mode: Power-up Dojo and Battle Field. In Power-up Dojo we play with computer, whereas in Battle Field with human.

Power-up Dojo is a place to train our skill of fire block battle. This is the first place to play especially for a beginner of fire block battle.


There are 6 dojos, each of which has a unique style of play. A dojo consist of a grand master, a master, and 6 apprentices. You have to beat the lower members of dojo before you can battle to a higher member.

Forest Dojo, the first dojo, is a dojo which teaches us the fundamental skill of fire block battle. Unless you clear this dojo, you can't go to the other dojos.

The members of Forest Dojo never arrange blocks. They only find a single move to create chain. Therefore this is the best place to get accustomed with the game. Train your eye to find which block is to be moved to create chain. Also you can practice to arrange blocks so that you can create small chain purposely, not accidentally. By finishing this dojo, i.e., by beating Tanuki, the first apprentice, you are prepared with the ability to find fastly the move needed to create chain.

After finished Forest Dojo, you can go to the other five dojos and battle with the lowest apprentices. There is no limitation which dojo to be begin with, but we suggest you to first enter Sea Dojo and learn the skill of the stairs formation. How to learn? Just watch how the member is playing and copy it.

Note that it is no need to beat all apprentices in a dojo before move to other dojo. Usually the higher members of a dojo are very strong that are hard to beat. We suggest you to find an apprentice or a master which has the same strength with you and play with him/her until you can beat him/her easily.

Fire block battle has an indicator of strength, called "Power", to indicate how strong is the player. Every member of dojo also has power. Avoid playing with player or dojo member with power much higher than you.

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