Online room - player tab

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Fire Block Battle
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Online room - player tab

Online room - player tab
Your name, device id, power
Show player list
(this screen)
Show battle list
Player status ※1
Tap here to watch
Tap the label to sort
Show/hide player,
master or robot
Tap player name to see
the status ※2
Show friend invitation
Show battle invitation
Auto battle button ※3
Friend mark
Not friend mark
Sound On/Off
Show status
Show friend list
Show this help
Show/hide tool bar

※1 Player status

  • in battle In battle
  • Watching Watching
  • Sleeping Sleeping


You can send friend invitation or private battle invitation to another player at the status dialog.


Auto battle is the feature to find a battle opponent automatically. The auto battle feature will introduce to you a player which has also tapped auto battle button.

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